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Sanitize all the surfaces in your life.
Protected by USA patent number 10,994,037

VitaLight™ is the world's first UVC light powered by your phone

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GoWand™ Portable UVC LED Sanitizer

Disinfect everyday items and surfaces in seconds with the GoWand's powerful UVC LED technology!

GoWand™ Portable UVC LED Sanitizer

USB-C Extension Cable

Expand your sanitizing capabilities and plug the GoWand™ into a laptop!

USB-C Extension Cable

UVC LED Universal Phone Sanitizer Box

The Most Effective Sanitizer Box

UVC LED Universal Phone Sanitizer Box

We Unknowingly Touch Dangerous Pathogens on Surfaces All Day

Pathogens live on surfaces all around us

The easiest, most effective way to eliminate those threats is with VitaLight’s patented technology.

VitaLight’s patented technology easily and quickly kills the spread of COVID 19 and bacteria.*

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We all want to return to some level of normalcy. VitaLight allows you to confidently and quickly get back on the go. No more messy wipes, sticky sanitizers, or protective gloves.

UVC wavelength scientifically optimized for eliminating pathogens

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How It Works

Unlike competitors which use ineffective UV wavelengths, toxic chemicals or mercury infused UV-lights, VitaLight™ uses innovative UVC LED technology that is human-safe and environmentally-friendly. Sanitizing with UVC light at the optimal wavelength, VitaLight™ uses a proven and tested scientific processes to eliminate up to 99.9% of deadly pathogens including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 Virus). The VitaLight™ difference maximizes exposure time, type of lighting, the strength of light, special transmission materials, and a carefully calculated illumination distance while minimizing side effects.

Why UV-C?

UV-C is a scientifically proven technology that is tested to eliminate pathogens from surfaces when maximized for effectiveness. UVC LED is a scientifically proven and eco friendly technology.

Works Quickly
Highly Effective
Human Safe

Certified to Eliminate Pathogens Quickly

VitaLight™ has the fastest, most effective sanitizer on the market.

Backed by Science
Lifetime Warranty
3rd Party Tested and Certified
"Today, people want to get back to normal and be on their way safely and confidently. VitaLight’s technology allows us to get back to life and they have done the testing to make sure it does what it says."
- Bridget H.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
User Reviews
  • It has been a long year of quarantine and watching what we touch and who we come into contact with. This little device gives me some confidence as my family starts to get back out there. It is so fast and easy to use.

    - Sam T.
  • I was getting so tired of carrying wipes and sticky sanitizers. GoWand is so quick and easy. I just stick it in my purse and I always have the security of knowing I can sanitize all those things I touch when I am on the go.

    - Corrine W.
  • This technology is so amazing. I love the fact that they have done the research and tested it to make sure it eliminates all those dangerous things on surfaces that we worry about. It helps me have confidence in myself and my family.

    - Dana N.